Why A Good Eye Contact Flirt Is Essential

Published: 18th November 2008
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An eye contact flirt says a lot more than you know. It has a way of just making every intention clear and drawing two people to each other. But, what is it about an eye contact flirt? This is a very good question and, you will definitely find a good answer for it. An eye contact flirt is one of the most natural ways of flirting. It can never be forced, otherwise it will feel wrong. It is both subtle and strong and has the ability to turn heads. Animals have also been found to make use of their eyes when it comes to establishing a good mate. As advanced animals, it is time we looked deeper as to what makes the eyes so powerful when it comes to passion. First, the eyes will dilate when you set them on the person you like. This is visible in light but not always visible to everyone. What is visible however the lingering nature of flirting eyes. It is an eye contact that is almost like a stare.

People who have not mastered the art of eye contact flirting will find themselves staring at the target for too long. This might work to the detriment of your flirt. Knowing what to do is therefore very important because it will guide you to making the right move. Therefore, you need to look at her or him in a certain way to ensure that your flirt works. Looking at their eyes squarely in the eye balls for some seconds and then looking away will do the trick. It is almost like a shy look but very controlled. This is the way to go. When you do this, you need to observe what their reaction to your flirt is. If they return the same brief stares, they are definitely conducting an eye contact flirt. There are other forms of flirting that compliment eye contact flirting and they include a smile. Nothing is ever complete without a good smile. You do not have to burst out laughing when it comes to flirting. It is supposed to be sensual and personal. Therefore, a few innocent smiles are sure to do the trick.

Another thing that is sure to compliment an eye contact flirt is touching. This can be done by both men and women but, it needs to be very calculated. The moment needs to be just right. It can be in the middle of a funny conversation where you are laughing together. You do not have to rub their body so that they can get the message. You will only need to put your hand on their shoulder or arm gently. Therefore, make sure you prepare yourself when you plan to flirt using the eyes. Some people are concerned about invalidating the fact that flirting comes naturally. Preparation will not interfere with the fact that you like the other person. Therefore, you can only expect to impress him or her more. Women are known to practice their abilities with a mirror and this is perfectly fine. With the right eye contact, you are bound to make the right impression.

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