When harmless flirting becomes harmful

Published: 26th October 2009
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Sometimes determining the difference between harmful and harmless flirting is quite hard. The same kind of flirting might be heavenly for some and very lethal for others. The distinction is aligned when it is looked at from the point of articulation and reception, to which the seduction moment is being addressed.

For some people, when they flirt with married individuals the harmless nature of flirting might be deciphered. When married couples are flirting, determining the harmless essence in their flirting is difficult, while at the same time, if one of the couples is flirting with another married couple the flirting might be considered harmless. The result of flirting might be what makes it or harmful harmless.

For a married couple the seduction moments might lead to affairs of a sexual nature something that might make it rather harmless. You must remember that when you flirt with a person who is reciprocating, the end might be something the maligned couple might not be looking forward to. Harmless flirting is something you need to decipher for yourself and your partner.

The most celebrated flirting is that between married and dating couples. For them, they are not seemingly cheating on anybody, which makes it overtly lovely. You need to find yourself within the context of harmless flirting if at all you are to enjoy flirting without any problem whatsoever. If you look at your case and determine it has no direct effect on you or any other person adversely, perhaps you are enjoying harmless seduction.

Any kind of flirting that does not put you at the center of a conflict is viable and perfect. On the other hand, there is flirting that generally becomes harmless when you are trying it. For instance during a party, you might notice that the person with whom you want to chat and flirt with is a single but not in the mood. When you engage such a person in a flirting game, you might be said to be engaging in harmful rather than harmless flirting. The more you flirt harmfully the more it becomes addictive, where as you might be always at the precarious nature of a flirting conflict.

You should not forget that flirting should bring you something to always remember and look forward to, since it is positive and generally fulfilling. You should never forget to flirt with the right person, more so if you are flirting singles for the sake of a relationship. It is very important to remember flirting can cause you emotional pain as it can to others. The product of flirting with a person creates levels of familiarity that brings forth distinct unions.

For example, in a club, you might discover you attracted to a person sexually, and since you might be interested in the same, flirting will definitely occasion a one-night stand perhaps. This is the reason you should always remember to have in mind the kind of result you are looking for, so that harmless flirting might be so. There is reason to engage in something that might be equally harmful.

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