What Makes A Woman Involve Herself In Married Man Dating Relationship.

Published: 02nd February 2008
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Ooh! Nothing beats the exhilaration of tasting stolen waters! Otherwise what would drive a beautiful eligible woman to play second fiddle to another woman by dating a married man? And even more baffling be so comfortable with the situation and the status of being titled "the other woman". You always remain in the shadow not wanting to hog the limelight from the man's wife. Don't you think it beats logic? Married man dating relationship tries to gain an insight into such a relationship by evaluating it from different perspectives.

In a survey carried out on married man dating relationship it showed that "the other woman" was happier than the legally married woman. Many women dating married men testified that actually they would rather play second fiddle as mistresses. Not the position of a married woman and carry the title of a wife. Many confess that their life is more fulfilling that way.

In married man dating relationship it was established that there are many fat perks that come with being "the other woman". Maybe this is the reason why it is the in thing in today's world where marriage institutions have become this turbulent. A critical analysis shows that a marriage institution is prohibitive to a woman. For example, when a married woman says that she went out with her friends to have fun as an explanation for coming home in the wee hours of the night, it will be a hotly contested issue with her husband. In the extreme opposite when such happens with a mistress it is perfectly okay with the man.

In the scenario of married man dating relationship the other woman's children attend good schools. Her mortgage is catered for just like the wife. Exquisite romantic holidays feature in herb calendar as a getaway with the married man and she gets to spend more time with the man. It is interesting because while the wife tries to squeeze herself with a tight budget for her wardrobe the mistress is taken to shop for her designer wear clothes in up market and expensive malls. Imagine! No wonder it's so good to date a married man.

A married man derives happiness from the other woman and seeks solace from her especially when marital problems arise in his marriage. In relationship dating a married man in most cases it is the wife who drives the husband into the arms of the other woman. Though these should not be blamed on the wife solely, lack of communication in a marriage is the source of all these infidelity.

When outstanding problems in a marriage remain unresolved in a marriage the couple starts to deviate. It was discovered that in married man dating relationship what is lacking in the marriage can be outsourced elsewhere. For instance; if the couple's sex life is not fulfilling the man will look for another partner who is more compatible and willing to cater for his sexual needs. "The other woman" acts as a confidant to the married man and is more willing to listen to his problems and offer him a shoulder to lean on.

This married man dating relationship is a precarious one. "the other woman" or mistress is usually the man's favorite but the man holds his family dear and close to his heart. His family is his last refuge and in weighty matters like family inheritance the mistress in many cases does not feature anywhere. It is a topic still open to discussion. It is full of intrigue and deception.

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