Take The "Are you too possessive?" quiz to find out You Stand In Your Relationship.

Published: 12th September 2008
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When you are reviewing relationship problems, you will always find possessiveness as one of the relationship issues. A possessive person is usually insecure and does not trust her/his partner. They want the whole of him/her to themselves because they presume that once they are out of sight they are vulnerable to temptations. Possessiveness results in to controlling. Nobody wants to be in a controlled relationship. It does not feel right. The affairs of the heart are rarely a matter of choice. To know whether you are insecure you can take the "are you too possessive" quiz. What would you do if your lover called you saying they are sick and they want to spend the night where they are? Most probably a friends house?

If you wish her a good night and promise to pass by the friends house then you are not the possessive type. If you wish her a quick recovery and hang up and then call up a couple of friends to hang out with, you are simply not in love. You should know that you are extremely possessive if you drive to the friends place to ensure that your lover is there and then make calls every hour to ensure that your partner is there all through. It is bad behavior to be that possessive. Talking to an ex-lover is a thing that can invoke different emotions. In the "are you too possessive?" quiz you should answer the question of how you would react if you found your lover talking to an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend at a corner.

Would you go over and cause chaos in an attempt to show how mad you are? You might be possessive for no good reason. When they broke up they did not become enemies. Would you interrupt politely and demand an introduction? or would you go on with your business trusting your partner to tell you what they were talking about? If you choose the last two options, you come out as a very mature lover. It is does no harm for you to let the ex-lover to know that your partner is already taken. The "Are you too possessive?" quiz, should help you not to take the matter in your own hands, you might end up in a serious relationship problem which would have otherwise been prevented.

The list of questions in "Are you too possessive?" quiz should include: Do you worry often that when your partner is out with friends he/she is cheating on you? Do you cling to your partner all night long while in a party? Do you believe that they can never lie to you? Do you feel the urge to check out your partner and may be done it in two or three occasions? Do you keep on thinking that your partner cheats on you but you have no evidence? Do you believe that perfect lovers do everything together? Are most of your fights about time spent together or time spent apart? Whenever you are together, you usually hang out more with your friends but rarely join his friends for fun. If you answer yes to most of the questions you are too possessive without any doubt. You ought to change your behavior lest you break up your relationship.

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