Some Top Ten Flirting Tips

Published: 18th November 2008
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Flirting is fun, but without these ten top flirting tips it could turn into a disaster. You should be able to flirt safely and in a fun way after you finish reading these top ten flirting tips. The first tip that everyone should be familiar with is the eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. When you look at someone you convey to them exactly what you are feeling. When you intend to flirt with someone make sure you look at the person for more time than is necessary. Take care not to stare at the person because this will not go well with the person. Staring is rude. Now the eye contact and smiles go together. After looking at the person, you will need to smile at them. A smile says that you are welcoming.

Among the top ten flirting tips is the compliment. When you compliment someone it means that you have noticed something nice about them. The person you are complimenting on the other hand will know that you have noticed them. They will even start noticing you more than they did before simply because of a compliment. So always have a compliment ready for the person you are going to flirt with. Now after the compliments the two of you might start talking and you will need to have some great conversations starters or props. No one should go into the flirting game without having some good conversations starters.

Among the top ten flirting tips is the hair, yes the hair girls. Long hair is nice. It however should not be too long to get you uncomfortable. Let your hair down and play with it. Make sure the person you intend to flirt with is watching you. Playing with hair means that they are playful and they can be easily approached. Do not also forget that the mirroring action is among the top ten flirting tips. It is believed that when you like someone you will do things that they do. If the person scratches his or her head, you will do the same. When flirting if the person crosses his or her legs you should do the same. You should be careful though not make the person feel crepedr out by your action.

Among the last set of top ten flirting tips are the whispering technique, the sexual advances and the dressing code. If you want to get a person attention, the best way to do it is by whispering. However when you are whispering to the person you should also make sure that you have a clean breath and you are not smelling of yesterdays garlic. It could be a real turn off. When you are talking to the person, make sure you stay off the sexual advances unless the person is encouraging you to do. Even so, try to refrain from it, you could go so wrong. Wait until the two of you have known each other a little more. When flirting, make sure you change your dressing code. If you used to dress a little conservatively, this is the time to dress in more revealing clothes for the girls. For the men, dress in smart casual and business suits. You will catch more attention that way.

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