Signs That Show That A Man Is Attracted To You

Published: 03rd November 2008
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Men have been known to be great liars and many women have to use the sixth sense to know whether he is telling the truth or not. There are physical cues which are more gender-oriented. If a man is attracted to you he will smile to you. A woman might be interested in you but since she want to play hard to get she will not smile. That does not mean she is not interested. For a man the smile comes out involuntarily. His eyes make a prolonged contact. This is a sure sign that you send a cold chill up his spine. A man is attracted to you if he keeps on checking himself to make sure that he is well groomed. If he straightens his tie after other every second smile to yourself with happiness.

If a man is attracted to you he will do his best to make sure you are impressed. He will stand upright if you are standing or sit upright. Women are more attracted by the men's' chest. Men with good chests are proud of them. Chests and shoulders are used as bargaining chips whenever a man is attracted to a woman. The guy makes sure that the shoulders are thrust backward in such a way that the chest comes outward. Women love the big three c's. Don't they? A man who is hoping for any success with women will talk big about himself. It is a sign that he is advertising himself. He talks about how much he earns his cars, and the expensive cell phones.

A man is attracted to you if he asks you a lot of questions about yourself. He wants to know you in and out so that he can clear doubts about the woman he wants to date. A man who is just talking about himself is not attracted to you. He is simply hungry for some company. However if you come up with a point, a man who finds you attractive will agree with you most of the times and laugh at your jokes. Men get bored a lot in conversations. If he looks like he enjoys your conversations, he likes you. A man who calls you on phone and talks for long hours is impressed with you and is also trying to impress you. If he thinks he made a fool of himself on a date, he will call to sharpen the rough edges.

A man is attracted to you if he makes a lot of jokes. They might not be so funny but if he makes sure he laughs at them in an attempt to make you see the joke, he desperately needs you around. Assuming a sexy voice while he is talking to you is a good sign that he is attracted to you. Also among the signs to look out for are face softening, subconscious mirroring, changes in his posture and self grooming gestures. If he also tries as much as possible to touch you, he is craving for some intimacy.

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