Signs That A Man Is Flirting with you

Published: 06th October 2008
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Would you like to know if a man is flirting with you? Sometimes it can be a little hard to tell if a man is flirting with you. It is much easier for men to know that a woman is flirting than for a woman to know that a man is flirting with her. However after reading this article you will look closely to all the men in your life and know instantly that he is flirting with you and that he is interested with you. There are several things that men do that suggest that they are flirting, for example if a man is interested in you and he would like to make you know he would look at you in the eyes for a longer time that is usual or normal. This way, he hoped to get your attention and that you will get what he is trying to communicate to you.
Men will also look at your eyes then your mouth, your chin and finally you body. If he does this there is no doubt he is flirting with you.

If a man keeps touching you for no reason at all, whether it is to smooth your dress or to get something off from it, you should know without a shadow of doubt that the man is flirting with you and that he is interested and maybe he would like to be your man. Every little chance he gets will be dedicated to trying to touch you. He could just want to pat you or tickle you. To him he is playing with you and hopefully you get the message that he would like the two of you to play together. So go right ahead and play along with him, touch him right back if you can. Encourage him along if you are also interested.

Watch out for a man who suddenly wants to look too clean and well groomed. This is a man in love and the man is flirting with you. He wants you to notice him and he is going to painfully look smart and well groomed for the rest of the time until you notice he is around then he can go back to being himself. You will notice that whenever he sees you all he is concerned about is that his tie is straight and his shirt is well tucked in. Do not let such man continue to painfully groom himself, save him from all the work and flirt with him and let him go back to his former self.

A man who is interested in you and flirting with you will definitely try to impress you. Such a man will come up with great jokes just to make you laugh. He will also come up with interesting stories. He knows if he comes out as a funny and interesting guy and to add it up with intelligence you will not help but fall in love with him. If the man is trying so hard to impress you the man is flirting with you, he would not be impressing you if he were not interested.

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