Reviving A Lost Friendship

Published: 16th February 2009
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A friendship can be lost because of many reasons. Some lost friendships are not always worth reviving and, it will depend on the clear circumstances as to what led to the breakup. The following are some of the common reasons for lost friendships. First, you might find yourself contrasting with your friend in everything. This is because you have nothing in common. Many times, in such a friendship, you will always be proving point to each other until you really confront each other. Apart from lack of compatibility, there are friends who hurt their comrade's badly. For example, if your friend was lying behind your back and telling you something else, you clearly have nothing to talk about. For example, many best friends realize that the person they trusted is going out with their boyfriend or girlfriend. This is going too far and there is no friendship in lies. Also, when you realize that their aspirations and values contrast what you believe in, you will definitely part ways.

Lost friendship is worth reviving if several reasons are considered. First, if you truly feel like you had something deep, that you would want to retain. Lost friendship will be retained if the other party is remorseful and showing great repentance. You can also revive it if you feel like you can really forgive them for what they did. Many times, you might be the one who is at fault and, if you feel like fighting for the friendship, you can actually get to revive it. Just like in spousal relationships, trust is a very vital component of friendship. If you feel like you cannot build that trust again, there is no reason in forcing yourself. You must be willing to do what it takes to really make things right. You cannot revive a relationship of friendship single handedly; you need each other. You need to talk and not just say words but, you need to communicate effectively. Many people who have fallen out of friendships may want to burry their heads in the sand by not confronting issues. You need to know what went wrong.

Reviving a lost friendship will need to be tempered with lots of forgiveness and seasoned with sincere concern and affection. You might also need to cry together in a bid to rekindle what you had in the beginning. Without a doubt, if you are both willing to put the past behind you, you can recreate a new relationship that can be even better. Sometimes, minor conflicts might cause a breakup of friendship. It is upon you to know the reasons and to be more careful not to hurt each other in the future. Friends fall out all the time but look for time to reconcile and move on. The best thing is to give it your best before you give up. All relationships will have problems but, it is the manner in which you deal with the problems that you get to share pieces of life together with your friends. Look back to your differences and laugh about them; this is how you move on to greater levels in friendships.

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