Major Signs Of A Troubled Marriage

Published: 05th November 2008
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A troubled marriage will be known from a mile away. The funny thing about it is that partners in the marriage might not have a clue that the marriage is troubled. A troubled marriage is one that is on the blink of disaster, inform of divorce or separation. There are many couples who are in denial about the problems in their marriages. Ignorance only makes things worse and, the first thing to do is identify your problem. We can only fight or confront that what we know or identify. It is paramount that you learn some of the top signs that will inform you that your marriage is in trouble. First, you will no longer have anything in common. This is usually marked by silence. You might spend hours under one roof and not have a meaningful conversation. This is a danger sign that is worth noting. To remedy this problem, you must make a deliberate move to make things better with your spouse. Start by being nice; spark a topic that will pave way to an easy conversation. If you want to make things worse, start with an issue you know you cannot agree on. In other words, do not try to make a point.

Let the other person express themselves naturally. This calls for a lot of love and patience. When your spouse realizes that you have no anger or bitterness, they will start to talk freely. This is the key to start communicating again. However, you must note that you have the responsibility of making your relationship better. Be the bigger man or woman and overlook who caused the hurt. If you show love to your spouse often, you will not be disappointed in your relationship. The other warning sign of a troubled marriage is the fact that you can do nothing right. Whatever you do is wrong in the eyes of your partner. There are so many couples who are living under daily criticism of everything they do. It is hard to deal with this problem but, you can do it. First, recognize what started the problem. There might have been something you did or said to annoy them. If you know what it is, try to rectify it by apologizing. Most people just want to hear that you regret doing a particular thing that was hurting to them.

If you do not humble yourself and apologize, you are definitely headed for more problems. The criticism also happens to couples who have done nothing wrong. If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself what you ought to be doing. Above all, humility is the only way to get through to a person in any relationship. Another sign of a troubled marriage to watch out for is lack of intimacy. Sex is the only way that a husband and wife truly bond. If this affection is gone, a part of their relationship is gone too. There must be reasons why your mate is no longer interested in being intimate with you. Explore the issue critically with a clear mind and find out what the problem is. Remember, the key to solving any problem is to know exactly what the problem is and what caused it.

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