Is He Flirting With You And Trying To Get Your Attention

Published: 15th October 2008
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Girls you have probably asked your friends and yourself this question "is he flirting with me?" This is probably because you noticed an action that the man did that you thought it was flirtatious. Now, you can stop wondering and be sure that he is flirting with you and that he finds you interesting and beautiful by reading this flirting signs that men have been known to use for ages. The first sign a man will use to flirt with you is looking at you. He would have probably seen you around and now he is trying to get your attention to go talk to him. He will hold your gaze for a few seconds and look away. He will repeat this for sometime and if he does this, there is not mistaking that he is surely flirting with you and it would be nice if you flirt with him too.

A man when talking to you will touch his belt. This is something that they do without even noticing it sometimes. However those who know the flirting game will still do it while being fully aware that they are doing it. Whatever the case a man who holds his belt and tried to push it downwards is surely flirting with you and you would not be mistaken if you asked your friend "is he flirting with me?" Now, try to see if he is only making his belt before you go right ahead and flirt with him to your embarrassment. Watch him carefully; it could also be his just fidgeting because he is nervous. However, most of the time when men play with their belt it only means one thing. They are trying to make you see what they can do and what they have. They are marking their territories.

Is he flirting when he touches you and teases you all the time? Of course he is flirting. Why else would he want to touch you if he does not like you and would want the two of you to begin something nice between you. If you notice a man you have been friends with trying to touch you all the time while talking you should know for sure that he is flirting with you and if you like him, you can flirt with him and see what develops. Men always tease the people they like and if he is teasing you a lot, he is flirting with you.

Lastly, is he flirting when he keeps complimenting you? Yes he is flirting. A compliment is the oldest flirting technique everyone uses. Men know that throwing a compliment at a woman will never fail them not even once. Show me a woman who doesn't't like to be complimented and I would probably say she is not okay. Every body likes to be complicated, even the men like to be complimented. They would act all embarrassed when you compliment them but in their heart they are so grateful that you. The same applies to all women. So with this at hand like I said, a man will know that if he is to compliment you more than enough times, you might just end up falling in love with him and that is what he wants.

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