If The Man Is Attracted To You Should Watch For Five Evident Signs

Published: 09th April 2008
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You have now caught him red handed on several occasions staring at you or trying to steal glances at you. If he crosses over to you to say hi or for a small chat, then know that the man is attracted to you. A man who is man enough does not shy away from his point of attraction. He will approach you with small talk on varied topics. Whatever the case, you have achieved your goal. You know the man is attracted to you and he is just playing it cool or he is just testing the waters. Are they navigable waters or they are full of rapids? Take up the cue.

Having approached you and seen his guess was right after all, he will get down to the numerals. He wants your contacts, your phone number. It is definite the man is attracted to you. He solicits for your contacts with a clear intention in mind. He really wants a second encounter with you. You have really caught his attention and the man is attracted to you. He wants to know you better and see whether he can push the new found friendship a notch higher. He is dying to meet you a second time meaning that you have really created an impression. He has already made up his mind by narrowing down on you. You are the person who caught his eye. It is evident the man is attracted to you otherwise he would have treated you as a by the way. The fact that he wants to leave with your contacts is a sure sign of better things to come

His dates are endless. He is always either proposing for coffee, lunch or dinner together or visiting the cinemas if not picnic grounds. The man is attracted to you seriously and these are signs that he wants to spend so much time together with you. You are so much into him that he cannot afford to get you out of his sight. You are the apple of his eye and that is why you move from one date to the next together. He wants you by his side all the time. Maybe that is what he is unable to tell you, but do you even need to be told? It is evident and actions speak louder than words. He has developed a soft spot for you. The man is attracted to you and he feels good when you are around. He is ready to go to any length just to keep you around.

Pay close attention to his body language. What does it tell you? He cant stop himself from touching your hand. His hand keeps on straying. You cannot fail to notice the passion in his eyes when he is speaking with you. He shows so much interest and attention that it touches your heart, you don't need to be told that the man is attracted to you. Does he call you? A man in love is never too busy to call. He will do anything to keep you.

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