How To Tell If A Girl Is Attracted To You

Published: 03rd November 2008
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Women do not show their attraction the same way men do. They are a little bit reserved and it is not clear. Many men get confused as to whether a girl they have a crush on or a girlfriend is really attracted to them. If you study these signs, you will always be able to tell when a girl is attracted to you. Many men are getting rejected because they invest their emotions in girls who are not attracted to them. If attraction doors are closing right and left, do not despair and say good bye to dating. Rise to the occasion and equip yourself with the right tools. Know how to get the right signals and move on. For instance when a woman twists her hair when she notices your presence and looks at you twice before she finally approaches you she is attracted to you.

A girl is attracted to you if she looks embarrassed when your eyes meet. She also brushes against you every time she is passes past you is a body language that says that she is opening up to you. If you are not friends, you have higher chances of succeeding when you hit on her. If you observe such signs in a girl, walk up to him and approach her. If she makes the first interaction between you and her longer she finds you interesting. Asking questions is another obvious sign that someone is interested in who you are. It is also good sign if she gives comprehensive answers to your questions.

Men also have problems with the transition period. It is the period when lovers move from being friends to getting intimate. To know whether a girl is attracted to you sexually look out for some of these signs. She will stroke her neck, lick her lips and peek her mouth. You should know that you should take a step when she tilts her head sideways as her pupils dilate. Your jokes might be not too funny to giggle about but she giggles at every single of them. If she seems to like your conversation even when you are talking rubbish, if she does not object you touching her she might be too ready for you.

If a girl is attracted to you she will be more than willing to leave her friends and join you. Her laughing and patting your back whenever you tell a joke is an obvious good sign. Make a fuss about sleepy eyes. I agree with the dreamy eyes are very sexy and they send a message that your sexy advances might not be well received. Does she ask you whether you are single? You do not need another clue. That one sign is enough. If you have known a lady friend for some time you must want to know whether she is romantically attracted to you. If she says your name often in many conversations with her friends, there is a possibility of you being romantic friends because she is attracted to you.

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