How To Recognize Body Language In Flirting

Published: 17th November 2008
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Body language in flirting is usually the main focus; when you want to tell the signs. We use our bodies for very many things and among them, is passing romantic gestures to potential mates. Body language in flirting has enabled the human species to progress and recreate. Mother Nature is responsible for all these impulses which see people continue with the language. The language is non verbal and, this means that anyone can speak it. In fact most people in their right mind and health will have body language in flirting. We often do not pay much attention to the language but, the following are some of the signs of body language in flirting. The first thing is pupil size. When somebody is flirting, a natural impulse will have their pupils enlarge. This is often not very noticeable but, you can detect it in light. When this happens, the pupils are said to be dilated. If you are keen enough, you will notice this body language. This happens to both male and females.

Another sign of body language in flirting is when a lady plays with her hair when you are having a conversation. The more she plays with her hair, the more you know she likes you. This is a pretty easy way to know whether that special girl likes you. Girls will recognize body language in flirting when a man faces them with their whole body. If his toes are pointed towards you, then he wants your full attention and, he is interested in you. The other language that always shows interest in the other person is smiling. This is the kind of smile that reveals at least the front teeth. You will definitely know how a real smile when you see one. However, there are people who might be as little shy and, you need to know what their character is. They may prevent themselves from feeling the emotions that are so obvious. When you like someone, you will want to keep them in your sight. This is a definite body language in flirting. Sometimes you might find your eyes locking. This will happen in both men and women.

You do not have to put a lot of effort into mastering body language when it comes to flirting. All these come naturally and all you have to do is to go with the flow. Another thing that is a sure sign is clothing. A girl or a man will ensure that they are in their best attire when they know they will meet the person they like. Therefore, take note of what the person is wearing. When they go an extra mile to be dressed well, they like you. There are so many other signs that will give you a clue as to whether they like you. All you have to do is keep your eyes very open. Without a shadow of doubt, you will be empowered to decide on your next cause of action. It is fun to read the language that does not lie.

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