How to Interpret Men's Body Language: Know If He's Interested

Published: 15th October 2008
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Words are the means by which we communicate but it is not always that they tell the truth. Sometimes lies sound so sweet and so men are fond of using words to impress. Nobody wants to be fooled. That is why it is important that you learn men's body language so that you will not solely depend on his words. He might say something while he means the opposite but if you know how to read and interpret the body languages you will be too bright for him. You can tell if he is interested by the way he is crossing his legs. If he crosses his legs with one of the foot facing you, you can be sure that he is so interested in you and he might be leaning in for a kiss. If the foot is facing away from you, he might not be into you.

One of the men's body language you should be able to interpret is the way he holds your hand. If you notice that he is just holding your palm, he does not want much attachment with you. He holds your hand loosely because he does not want to commit to you. Sorry to say this but he might be using you. On the other hand, if a guy holds your hand in such a way that the fingers are interlocked, you are all his and he is not afraid to show the world that he is interested. It is interpreted as much connection.

When you are talking with a man you expect him to look at you straight in eyes. What if he avoids your gaze? It is a clear indication that he is not into the relationship and he is hiding something from you. Eyes are the window to the soul. If he does not want to look at you he simply does not want a connection with you. If he is not afraid to look at you straight in the eye, his intentions are good and chances are that he is open with you and wants to take the relationship to another level. Men's body language can be hard to read especially if you have no prior knowledge about them.

In normal circumstances you would think of nothing when your man, brushes his face and touches his head while he is speaking.It means that whatever he is talking about is lies. He wants to distract you from concentrating. He is uncomfortable because his teeth might sell him out. If he bites his nails while talking to you, he is a nervous and shy guy who likes you a lot but doesn't know how to impress you. What about if he keeps his arms crossed while seated in front of you? It simply means that he would be happier if he was with someone else. His emotions are not out for you. We all believe in the power of touch. Men's body language where touch is concerned says that he likes you too much and that is why he is not afraid to show physical affection.

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