How To Flirt With A Guy - Intriguing Ways To Flirt With A Guy

Published: 15th October 2008
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To flirt with a guy does not have to be for the strikingly beautiful. Anyone can do it provided you know the right thing to do at the right time. You have to try and impress the guy and to suggest that you are interested. Do not make it appear obvious. It is good to make him think it's his imagination to save your face just incase he does not feel the same way too. Every girl has a personal style of flirting with a guy but adding some of these tips makes you irresistible. If you are serious about success, you have to be careful about your appearance. Put on something which you are comfortable with and which flatters your looks. You do not have to dress provocatively because it might send the wrong signals.

The clothes do not have to be expensive. Provided you are clean and decent. Pick a sun dress, slimming jeans or a tank. Use some deodorants, use a soft alluring perfume, polish your nails and wear a simple and nice hairstyle. All these are an effort to boost your confidence while you are flirting with a guy. Another thing to always remember is to stay away from huge groups. It looks like bullying if you are trying to flirt with a guy in the midst of all your friends. Stay alone and show your interest through flirting. This also increases the chances of him approaching you. Reduce the distance between the two of you in attempt to make him feel the need to take advantage of the close proximity.

One of the ways to flirt with a guy is to casually play with your hair. Run your hands through your long hair, twist it, and push it gently behind your ears. Flip it over your shoulders and it will be evident in the guy that you are touching him somewhere. Make sure that you are holding his gaze. The eye contact you maintain should make his heart skip a beat. Give him one of those playful stares coupled with a smile and then slowly glance away. When you are conversing take your eyes away from his for a second and look at his chest. He will get a chill down his spine as he realizes that you were checking him out. He will feel appreciated.

Nobody hates compliments even guys appreciate them. Throw in a compliment but make sure it is a sincere one. Do not make up one just to make him happy. You will instead come out as dishonest. Touch him the right way. When he makes you laugh, gently tap on his shoulder or squeeze his hand. This will send chills up his spine like nothing you know. If you are having an intimate talk, rest your head on his chest or shoulder. This prompts him to comfort you and squeeze you back. The most seductive thing in a woman is a smile. Smile and laugh a lot as a way of flirting. It will just work wonders.

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