How To Convince A Girl Into Accepting A Date

Published: 04th February 2008
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You have just sported a girl that is beautiful and attractive. Your feelings cannot give you a break. She is too attractive to let go. You feel you desperately need to convince a girl and get a date but the fear of rejection is weighing heavily on you. Your heart tells you to make the first move but you do not have that courage. You need to take a step of faith and try, even if you are rejected you will have quenched you desire. Before you approach your potential date for a date there are some few things that are essential.

Be wise, give a glance at her face for a short time. Both of your eyes will most likely meet at some point and from her facial expression it will be clear whether you are welcome. After the eye contact it will be enough to tell you whether you are welcome. During the eye contact make sure you pass her a lovely smile, if you get hers in return know your chances of scoring are very high and continue making the first move.

Do not lie to a girl so as to get a date, it takes a very short time for the truth to come out. When the truth is known you will be at pain to express yourself. If you continue and apologize the damage is already done. The first step to convince a girl is very important and it will determine whether you will proceed well in future. Honest and the truth is very essential from the first day because your are sure at the end of the day she will have made a good choice.

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If you have to convince a girl the first step is letting her give you audience you will have actually done more than half of the work. Move cautiously remember she still treats you like a stranger and she will be observing every movement of your body. Don't try to get so close to her or touch her body parts. Women unlike men are not so comfortable when you seek that closeness during the first few dates. She needs time to get used to you. Treat her with more respect and realize she is a stranger in your life. This way you will be sure to get that coveted date.

Women do not like men who are too aggressive or those who sound desperate. Don't present a face of seriousness in your fast encounter just take things easy and avoid a situation where your potential date will see you as pushy or just wanting to get your way. Women like and enjoy competition a lot and the moment she realizes you are desperate that will be the last day you will hear of her. Behave as though you are just out to make another friend. The moment she get to understand that you are not under any preasure to convince a girl, she will cooperate and your dealings with her will be very smooth. Create a very free and friendly environment such that when you depart she will miss to meet you again. Let you be seen as a source of happiness in her life than a barrier to her comfort.

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mchljacob988 on August 31, 2011 said:
Don't forget to actually ask the girl you want to date! This is the most nerve-racking moment because most of the guys are really afraid of rejection.
Adrian Lawrence on August 31, 2011 said:
Good luck, and try to pluck up the courage!
Sammie Potter on September 12, 2011 said:
It is important to not come on too keen after the first date, but also show some interest rather than none at all. If you come on too strong then you could eliminate your chances of a second date because you will scare off your girl. Try to stick to your boundaries. this article gives good advice to men who are unsure how to go about getting a second date.

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