Greatest Love Quotes Of All Times

Published: 27th November 2008
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Love quotes are expressions or words said concerning love that enable people view love in a different perspective. Love is life and we cannot live without it. For this reason, so much has been said and continues to be said about love. We take some of the memorable pieces and keep them to refer to love. They are love quotes and their function is not only to teach but to entertain. The following are some of the most popular quotes in regard to love. The quotes may express love, show regrets of love or even state the various emotions that may be brought up by love. 'In my dreams and our love, there are no impossibilities'. This is a quote that best shows the power of love and the ability it has to move mountains. Many people who have fallen in love report that there is no greater feeling and, you feel as though you can conquer the world with the person you like. There is no doubt that this is one of the quotes that inspires people not to give up looking for love in their lives.

Also, it encourages those who have found love to keep at it and, go from strength to strength, when it comes to their relationships. It is pretty interesting how people are able to capture the love emotion and describe it in the most beautiful words. Another quote is 'You are just my cup of tea'. This is to say that the other person is so pleasant to them. This is what everyone wants to hear from the person they love. When you really love someone, you will become their cup of tea or something pleasant or pleasurable. There are so many things that love and affection brings out in us. It brings some of the most pleasurable things but, it can also be the source of great pain and despair. 'My heart is breaking since you went away' is one of the quotes that best depicts a solemn or sad mood. Love has the ability to do this and, it happens to the best of us. The quotes help us communicate our feelings to the outside world as this process plays a huge role in ensuring that we vent our innermost feelings.

Other quotes are 'you need money to call someone honey'. This is a quote that shows how materialistic people have become. A lot of value has been placed on having money to facilitate love. This has become worse on the onset of modernity. It is common place for people to choose money over love but, in the end, they will get exactly what they want. We all need love and we all need some materials, when there is no proper balance for this, people end up loosing focus of what is important in life. The more you read the many love quotes available, the more you will realize that the amount of wisdom that you have to gain. If you feel philosophical enough, you can come up with your very own quotes; variety will spice up life.

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