Flirting Gestures You Need To Know In The Dating Scenes

Published: 15th October 2008
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There are so many flirting gestures that you can use to let a person know that you are flirting with them. One of the flirting gestures you can use is the eyes. When you establish contact with a person you intend to flirt with, you should make sure that you hold the person's eyes for more seconds than you would have normally done. The second flirting gesture you can use is flashing the eyes brows. When you see someone you like, you raise your eye brows, that way the person will know that you are flirting with them. Still on the eyes, you can flatter your eyes. The women are ones who do this kind of thing. When talking to a woman and you notice that she is butting her eye lids more than usual she is definitely flirting with you.

When speaking to a person and you would like for him or her to know that you like them you can look at him or her from the eyes to the lips to his or her facial features. This way, you are communicating to the person that you like them and that you are wondering what it would feel like to kiss them if you had a chance. When you get a chance to move close to where the person is sitting you should touch the person. When he or she says something funny you should reach out and touch him or her. This way, you will have an excuse to touch them. You can also while talking reach out and touch them. These are great flirting gestures.

Another flirting gesture that you can do is to send letter or poems to a person you like. The letter should be written in a light tone otherwise it will not be a flirting letter. Make funny remarks on the letter. Be funny and the person will get it that you are flirting with them and that you are interested in them in a way. If you also get a chance of sitting close to each other, whisper at the person. Whispering always catches a person attention and if you would really like to capture their attention go on and whisper. Just take care not to whisper anything offensive. These too are great flirting gestures.

Among the flirting gestures is winking, playing with ones hair, changing the dressing codes and smoothing the dress. These are just a few of the flirting tips that you can use on others to let them know that you are interested in them. You should also be able to recognize these flirting gestures when they are thrown your way and interpret them correctly and decide whether you are going to start flirting with them or you are going to ignore them. Remember that even if someone is flirting with you, it does not necessarily mean that they would like to have sex with you. People flirt for quite different reasons, some do it just for fun, some of them are married and they do not even dream about cheating on their spouses.

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