Dating and teenage Love

Published: 25th April 2009
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Teenage love is undoubtedly the best time in the life of a person. The intimate dating instances are just the thing. You cannot argue about the love you felt for that cute girl in your class, or the jealous feelings you had every time the coolest guy in your class had the best girl, whom you entertained and dated at the back of your mind. No one can argue about the times you went to her home to say hi, the times you spent by the phone waiting for that call, and the times you spent by their home, hanging around, just incase she showed up and you got to see her, if speaking to her was impossible.

Setting eyes on her is the best thing that you have ever had and felt, while the kind of feelings you conjured in your mind as you saw yourself dating her is the best thing that has ever happened anywhere. Teenage love is the best, the turning point on which a man or a woman first comes into contact with love, that feeling that leaves a person cruising in another world of their own, swimming in a planet where the delight of intimacy is served in small containers like love. You cannot ignore the day you got to go for a dating spree with the girl of your youth, that person whom in your grade school made your space and your niche of love where the cradle of love is the beginning of adult intimacy.

No one can argue the fact that teenage love is the seed that affects the future horizon of your love life, how you will fair during that time you will face rejection and heartbreak. You will be able to handle all heartaches that concern dating relationships, that will automatically boost or lower your emotional intelligence to the effect that any matter concerning love will be handled in a certain way.

The good thing with teenage love is that it shapes the definition that you give to love. The harder that it was for you to fall in love, the darker that the definition was. You will find men and women who faced the teenage dating scene this way looking at love as the sword through which sanity is cut and transformed into intimate insanity, with the actors being lunatics in the line of endearment. To them love and the occasioned dating instances are hard to come by, and they can only be associated with lunacy. You cannot blame them.

The ones who have been in teenage love instances and dating that was always fruitful see love in the best of light and instances. Their perceptions of love are flowery and full of praise that augurs well with flowers in a horizon, full of sweet smelling flagrance that makes men swear endearment for ever. Teenage love is that, you are prepared either well or ineffectively to handle matters concerning love and relationship, and even the person you are going to marry and the way you will carry yourself over the whole period of matrimony. Teenage love is poetic.

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